Will film turn purple and bubble over time?

Low grade window film whose mounting adhesive and dye components have broken down turn purple and bubble. Great Lakes Films uses stable and more advanced materials that do not discolor over time. It seems that only poor quality films are noticed, and high quality, professional installations go unnoticed, perceived as mere “factory-tinted glass.


Will Window Film Cause my Glass to Break?

The correct film will not cause your windows to break. Not all films can be used on all glass types however. Manufacturers have guidelines that need to be followed to ensure the glass will not break because of the film. There are some instances (about 1 in 750) where after the film is installed, glass breakage does occur. This is typically [...]


Do Films Require Special Care Or Cleaning?

Not really. While not quite as hard as glass, films are extremely scratch-resistant and may be cleaned with common household cleaners, non-abrasive paper towels, or cotton cleaning cloths. Caution should be exercised to prevent extreme gouging by hard, sharp, metallic objects.


What Causes Fading?

Fading is primarily caused by a combination of 4 main components: • visible light (glare) 25% • heat 25% • ultraviolet light 40% • miscellaneous 10% (how you maintain home – heating/cooling, humidity, cleaning, etc..)

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