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Madison Decorative Window Film

Great Lakes Film and Shade was contracted to apply custom cut decorative film to a Madison area clinic under renovation. The architect/interior designer provided a design that was cut on Frosted Crystal to match existing film in other parts of the building. Over the course of a couple days the material was applied to two nurses stations and most of the new doors in the space. The use of decorative film on clear glass added visual interest and a consistent look throughout the building while providing privacy for staff and patients.


Pewaukee, Wisconsin 15% Window Film Reduces Glare

This Great Lakes Film & Shade customer needed to control heat and glare issues on the West side of their office. Existing blinds and glass with tint in it just wasn’t doing the job. After presenting options to the contact, LLumar DR15 window film was selected for it’s glare and heat reduction performance. The customer was surprised by how natural it looked due to the low interior reflectance and how the film enhanced the tint of the glass.


Improved Home Office Comfort in Sun Prairie

An East facing home office window was allowing a morning heat build up that prevented the homeowner from using the space. After window film was suggested by a family friend, Great Lakes Film & Shade was contacted for an estimate. Window film (45%) was applied to the office and sitting room arch windows to improve comfort and reduce fading while allowing a view out and not changing the look of the home. The homeowner can now use the home office before 1:00 PM.


Decorative Window Film Milwaukee

The photos below are of a downtown Milwaukee office tower renovation project.

The client choose decorative window films over decorative glass for this great modern look! 3M Fasara decorative film was selected and applied to over 300 pieces of glass on 3 floors in the building.


Business Window Film Solutions Milwaukee

Milwaukee area utility company wanted a different solution to privacy for two main conference rooms on the first floor. Blinds had been utilized however they wanted a cleaner look and fewer potential maintenance issues. Dusted Crystal was applied to this area as well as others in the building.


Milwaukee Window Film Company

Milwaukee area customer wanted privacy for a newly remodeled master bath. We discussed his options and he choose a custom printed privacy film. Client picked out his own image.


Mequon Window Film UV Protection

A Mequon residential customer wanted UV protection and to reduce heat gain while not changing the appearance of the window. A 75% film was applied that blocks 99.9% of UV and reduces up to % of the heat gain. First pic no film, 2nd film on right, 3rd film on both.